Cancer Pain Initiative


Cancer Pain Initiative

Do You, a Friend or Loved One Have Pain Due to Cancer?

Having cancer is a great burden. Having cancer with severe pain is overwhelming. Oncologists do a great job of managing their cancer patients including their pain. Sometimes the pain overwhelms the powerful pain medications used for pain relief. When this happens, the physicians and staff of River City Pain Management can help.

There are several options available for pain control when oral pain medication is no longer effective. All River City physicians are skilled in nerve blocks that help control certain types of pain associated with cancer. These include traditional nerve blocks used in the operating room as well as specialized techniques such as celiac plexus block for control of pain due to pancreatic cancer and other abdominal tumors. Severe nerve pain is sometimes treatable with specialized techniques such as spinal stimulation or procedures to destroy the pain causing nerves.

Dr. Ellis and Dr. DeLeon have extensive experience in managing cancer patients with spinal medication delivered by specialized pumps implanted in the body. Spinal medications have the advantage of delivering superior pain relief with fewer side effects. Dr. Ellis and Dr. DeLeon pride themselves on being able to help patients who are unable to leave the hospital because of their pain and return them to better function, living in their own homes. Individuals who cannot get pain relief with oral pain medication or find the side effects of those medicines intolerable are ideal candidates for spinal pain medication. The pumps are inserted underneath the skin and are not visible when people wear normal clothing. Refills of the pump are done in the office, and in some circumstances specialized nurses are dispatched to homes for pump refills. Please ask us for one of the specialized handouts and informational DVD available for this therapy.

Treating cancer pain is one of the areas of special pride for the staff of River City Pain Management. As a cancer survivor, Dr. Ellis has a special appreciation for the challenges faced by cancer patients and their families. Please give us a chance to help you during this difficult time.
Dr. Ellis authored 5 articles for San Antonio Medicine magazine about his cancer treatment and how family and friends helped him during his illness.  See below links to read about his journey.  You can also find the articles at

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